The induction process

Hi, I'm Christos and I'll be walking you through the on boarding process for new starters and Maple Syrup Media.


We've all been there, the all too common feeling that you're out of place, a lack of clear concise communication channels between departments, all this adds stress, it affects your workplace efficiency and it affects your happiness.

I don't like that, you don't like that, We don't like that, we get it, nobody likes that.

It's my role to ensure that doesn't happen, I will personally strive to make your first few weeks with us as painless and stress free as possible, immersing you as part of the maple syrup team. Forming relationships with other departments, and if you're willing, beating* you in a couple rounds of table tennis!

So How will I achieve this I hear you ask?

Ah, Well you see, I have a plan!

Day One:

  • I'll get you started with your laptop.
  • I'll introduce you to the team.
  • I'll get you seated.
  • And I'll Set you up with your own:
    • email address 
    • bitbucket account
    • JIRA account.
    • Slack Account.

Once you're settled in I'll assign you a tech buddy! they will be your goto man (or woman) of information. they will be answer most queries you have (not necessarily tech related.)

 you'll begin meeting  the key stakeholders in tech, as to get a better understanding of who we are and what we do. On day one you'll meet:

  •  Head of Infrastructure
    • The head of Infrastructure will give an overview of the infrastructure architecture we use here at Maple Syrup Media as well as answering any Infrastructure questions you may have.
  • Q. Platform Team Lead
    • The Q. Platform team lead will give an overview of the technology stack we use and how it all sits together, as well as talking about the best development practices we use at Maple Syrup Media and can answer any technical questions you may have.

Day Two:

  •  Legacy Team Lead
    • The Legacy team lead will give overview of the backend and legacy codebase, how the backend system handles requests from the front end how we process those requests as well as answering any backend Questions.
  •  Front end Team Lead
    • The Front end team lead will give an overview of the front end practices we use, as well as illustrating Maple Syrup Media guidelines on front end development that we employ for a consistent look and feel across the site.
  •  Mobile team lead
    • The Mobile team lead will give an overview of the mobile apps we develop, the mobile technology we use, as well as an overview of the mobile practises and architecture we use at Maple Syrup Media.

Day Three:

  •  Remote Services Team Lead
    • The Remote Services team lead will give an overview of the front end stack we employ (AngularJS),  the structure and functionality of the API's as well as an overview of the his tole to deliver white label projects
  •  Qipu Team Lead
    • The Qipu team lead will give an overview on our german sister site, their day to day operations and their core infrastructure.
  •  CTO
    • The CTO will give an overall top down summary of tech, such as an overview into the technologies we use, how we integrate high level systems, the objectives we as a tech team aspire too and the targets are are striving to achieve.

Day Four:

  • Head of QA
    • The Head of QA will give an overview of the technologies used within the QA team as well as talk through ways of working between QA and development
  • Project Manager
    • The product manager will go through the project management flow and talk through the Scrum methodology used with the company. 
  • Product Manager
    • The product manager will go through the product delivery and an overview of products role within the company.

We look very forward to welcoming you into the Maple Syrup Family!

* Actual chance of me beating you at table tennis may vary from moderate chance to abysmal.