Are you a gamer?

Do you like to waste away your life -Ahem, I mean enjoy spending your time playing video games?  (who'd have thought it, gamers in tech! Inconceivable!)

It's inconceivable I tell you! INCONCEIVABLE!! 

Well, as it would turn out... You're not alone! In fact quite a few people at Quidco are known to partake in the enjoyable task of playing a game or two. Me myself I am a big gamer! My first system was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES for short. I have fond memories of coming home from school, booting up the SNES, plugging in my controller and loading up Super Mario World 2 with my brother 

My love of video games only grew from there. Years later sony released the Playstation entertainment system, this only served to fuel my addictio- err, my passion (yes let's go with that!) for video games even further! I remember such classics as Rayman, Metal gear solid and Final Fantasy VII, Today I mostly play PC video games, I'm currently playing Diablo 3. Nathan plays Heroes of the Storm and Paymon is looking forward to the release of Metal Gear Solid V. Actually on that note, I am too! 

What about you? Are you a gamer and if so, what games do you play? Let me know via the comment section down below!

Oh! Also if you want to find play me at some games online, then you can via

  • Steam: christos_z 
  • christos#2310