Segway Slalom and Mopane Worm Mayhem

For our monthly team building we decided to escape our comfort zones and try something new - a Segway tour at Moses Mahbida stadium.  We were fortunate to have our London CTO join us for the team building so we decided a whirlwind tour of the Durban beachfront promenade would be a great way to show off our beachfront and try our hand at some adrenaline and techi activity.

The tour begins with an orientation on how to control the Segway and some practice, before being let loose on the promenade.  One-by-one we tentatively stepped on to the Segway and started doing loops to gain control and confidence before the guide took us out. Some were definitely more confident than others - probably due to having better medical insurance schemes.

Our first test was to cross the main street from the stadium to the promenade. A very nerve-racking experience for people who are still trying to bring this mighty Segway beast under their control. After that it was smooth sailing through the tunnel and down the promenade - although some sailed faster than others.

The weather was not on our side as we headed down the beachfront and we ended up taking refuge in the amphitheatre where we did slalom races between the pillars. The leader board for that event is not worth talking about.

With a break in the weather we set off again and completed a fun roundtrip back to the stadium. By this time we were all way more confident with our control of our now tame beasts. Daniel put his confidence to the test by crashing into the last pillar as we exited the tunnel. Fortunately there were no injuries.

The tour was followed by drinks and dinner at Moyo. If the evening was anything to go by, real men drink pink drinks but don’t eat mopane worms.

It was a great evening at Moyo with good food, wine and company. Next time we will see who is brave enough for the bridge swing?