Favourite open-source projects of the week

Microservice architecture remains very much a hot topic for us at the Maple Syrup Media group, so keeping an eye on open-source projects - especially via their associated VCS repositories - is a top priority for us.

This week we're looking at:

Eureka (Netflix)


Primarily used in the AWS cloud for locating services.  Useful for middle-tier load-balancing, and failover.

JMS Serializer

Very mature library for serializing/deserializing to/from JSON/XML (and, as a bonus, to YML).  Personal favourite of mine that I'm pleased to have introduced to the Maple Syrup Media group.  While the deserializer itself is a proven piece of technology, we're particularly interested in framework integrations that bind key components as services.


Perhaps the most successful of the PHP ORM frameworks (and very closely based on the mature Hibernate ORM framework for Java), we're keen to move away from Laravel's inbuilt, Eloquent and it's more DAO-geared approach and towards Doctrine.

Doctrine are also the top name when it comes to annotation parsing within DocBlocks, as the PHP language (currently) lacks the native annotation support that Java and Python both enjoy.