Engineering off-site, Brighton 2016

One of the great things about working for a great tech company is the opportunity to get the team in one place and away from the office for a couple of days to work on a tech driven agenda as well as have loads of fun.

Members of the team from South Africa, Berlin, Sheffield and London joined for a full two day packed agenda. On Wednesday evening, the London based engineers made their way to Brighton by train from central London and whilst we were spread across various coaches, there was no short supply of drinks, snacks and lively discussions on all things tech. The train ride was followed by an great evening out to a lively fish and chips restaurant by the sea front in Brighton. 


On Thursday the discussions kicked off with a general talk about the team. It covered achievements of the previous twelve months but more importantly our focus for the next year. This goes beyond the project work and can be captured in two areas. Firstly, as the team has grown significantly across the business we want to improve how we work together and secondly, we want to build even better code. A set of operational principles which are based on open source principles were discussed with team and will be what guides our conduct within the business.

Various talks and workshops followed which covered front end, back end, mobile dev ops and QA teams.  Talks included overview of each team with their respective achievements and thoughts on how we can improve the quality of the software we produce further. Workshops included exercises on micro-service design and business requirements gathering. 

On Friday. The day kicked off with a talk from MSM COO, Andy Oldham who presented his view of the world and where we are headed as a business followed by Q&A from the team and other sessions. 


Post the off-site there was an afternoon BBQ and a team go kart racing event which was won by our Team lead in South Africa this year.

It was great to see our talented team getting together and engaging on the discussions as well as having loads of fun and I am sure everyone is looking forward to our next training event coming up in autumn.