Remote Services Team Building - Westville, Durban

Why did the Remote Services Team cross the road? Because we had an hour and a half to spare.

The team building got off to a shaky start due to some traffic delays which resulted in some of us taking an hour and a half to travel a grand total of 1 km. We quickly recovered with the help of some drinks and snacks, and returned to our intention of having some fun and getting to know each other a bit better.

Having settled our nerves we enthusiastically launched into our game of tenpin bowling which, despite involving chucking a ball at some objects standing just down the alley, had nothing to do with Pokemon Go.

It did not take long for Kuthula ‘9 Pin’ Langa to establish dominance where he consistently out scored everyone, without getting a single strike. Michael impressed everyone with his style and form, managing to add a strike to his authentic bowling shirt and style. Wayne held the record for the fastest ball bowled, while we all alternated between rolling our balls down the gutter or knocking down a few pins while knocking back a few pints.

Having conquered the skill of rolling balls at sticks we turned our attention to using sticks to roll balls, in a few games of pool. Sasha ‘The Hustle’ Abrahams swore she had never played before but managed to pull out some impressive shots. This display of skill was not sufficient to beat Wayne and Daniel ‘Hop Skip and Jump’ Carvalho who impressed us all with his ability to skip the white ball over obstructing balls and still hit his mark.  It took the wiser team of Martin and Michael to keep Wayne and Daniel at bay, with Michael ‘One Turn’ Joseph showing us how to clear the table without anyone else getting a look in.

Despite the late start we enjoyed a great evening out.