PHP UK 2017

The Quidco team went to the PHP UK Conference 2017 for two days of great talks, networking and socials (and let's not forget those delicious tiny burgers).

We attended some really good talks about RESTful APIs, Test Driven Development, static analysis tools, architecture, deployments and brilliant opening/closing keynotes about the PHP community and open source contributions.

Day one started with a talk about the PHP Community, about how the community has grown and gotten stronger and how we can keep growing and improving - a very inspiring talk. 


After the opening keynote we attended Real-time Communication To Simplify Your Life about IoT use cases for using SIM cards and endpoints, to obtain a scalable and globally distributed communication within an application.


Probably my favourite talk from day one was Building RESTful APIs with Symfony Components, a very interesting talk about DOs and DONTs when building RESTful APIs and what Symfony components/bundles to use depending on what you're trying to achieve. It was a very insightful talk and also very relevant for the projects we work on.

We then attended Don’t Lose Sleep - Secure Your REST where we learned how to use JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) components to secure RESTful APIs and Static analysis saved my code tonight about how static analysis can bring expertise to review code, enforce good practices and keep the code ready for migrations to newer PHP versions.


The closing key note Using Open Source for Fun and Profit was a very inspiring and absolutely hilarious talk about how open source projects are not only making our lives easier, but they can also help build friendships and get support from these open source communities.

It was a very motivational speech, that also raised awareness on the high number of developers suffering from mental health illnesses - it was so great to see the PHP community involved in this!

Day one ended with beers, burgers and great networking with old colleagues and fellow developers from different environments.


Day two started with I Think I Know What You’re Talking About, But I'm Not Sure and addressed issues that we face in the tech world daily. The challenge developers face in communicating with their peers within the same functional team or cross-functional teams within a business or when working with external clients. An unspoken issue that usually leads to misinterpretation of specifications.

We attended JWT - To authentication & beyond! about JSON Web Tokens, a nice overview of the how to use JWT and how it works, and then Preparing your Dockerised Application for Production Deployment about how to use Docker for deployments. 

Silo-Based Architectures for High Availability Applications was an interesting approach to handling deployments, and Drupal8 for Symfony Developers was interesting for former Drupal and Symfony developers (but might not be everyone). 

We then went to Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift for PHP Developers was good to see another approach for how Kubernetes can be used (since we are using Kubernetes too), and OpenShift in particular looks like a very convenient solution.


The day two closing keynote Towards a framework-less world re-enforced the current trend of moving towards framework agnostic architectures and the general realisation that we basically just need to string together functional component (libraries), rather than having a big mass where only 30% is relevant to our projects.


The PHP UK Conference 2017 was a great experience, we learned a lot and met some awesome people, but we also realised that we are going in the right direction (as we're already using quite a few of the technologies presented). Looking forward to next year's event.